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Console flame wars

I dont know if this has been going on since the days of commodore 64 and atari, since I’m only 26. I do however know that ever since I’ve been into gaming, these rivalries have always existed.
Anyone out there who had a nintendo always thought sega was the “black sheep”, and vice versa. This was true with many things when I was little though; Nirvana versus Pearl Jam, Coke vs Pepsi (or Jolt), Saved by the Bell vs Degrassi. These issues all have one common variable, and its that everyone with these strong opinions truly believe it to be fact, and not what it really is: Your own opinion.

Though maybe its just because I was a lot younger, but these issues have really seemed to take a high degree of seriousness over the past couple years.
Games have always been expensive, but compared to how things were back in the golden age of gaming, these companies are now fully realised as big business and therefore almost anything related to gaming now has some sort of cost to the gaming enthusiast. There are seriously SO many games and dlc’s out that I want and I just cant afford now. This is life.

Its almost like gaming is no longer even a hobby to a lot of people, but almost feels more like a “passion”. I know there are people out there that just “play games”, and people who didnt like Coke OR Pepsi (bullshit, you fuckin Mountain Dew creeps), but those people who are on the internet posting and learning about gaming really feel its more than a hobby, and typically those would be the same people on the front lines of these console wars.

It all stems from a basic principle that most people tend to believe that the decision they made was the right one. Your opinion is the “right” opinion to have, because theres no way you could be wrong. This obviously is a deeper issue which stems into more than just console wars (religious people also kill eachother over the same ideology… although only loosely compared), but at the core of all this – thats what it really is.

People are now spending so much money on gaming, and once you invest that much into something, it really cuts like a knife to think “oh my god, did I make the right decision?”. On top of your own feelings that youre not wasting your own money, you’ve got these gaming companies also telling you that you made the wrong decision. Segas always ripped on Nintendo, Sonys always ripped on Microsoft, The PC users just sit back and think that theyre king shit because they have PC games, literally everyone thinks their decision is right. Companies obviously will continue to do this, since thats just business, but you should really know when to make your own decisions, when to accept them, and when to accept others. At the end of day, we’re all right. We made the right decision because we bought what we wanted.

There are so many arguements over which is better, and why this is better than that. Every system out there has faults, and every system has its own awesomeness. Having said that, its a truly great time to be a gamer, as there are so many choices for every style of playing. Next time you jump headfirst into a console flame war in any way shape or form – remind yourself that what youre about to say is simply your opinion, and that no matter what choice you made, its the right one (unless you bought a Virtual Boy).

Just one mans opinion
Flame on!


2 Responses

  1. Agreed…. except for the Virtual Boy bit ;D
    I’d still love to have one of them.

  2. I hate when people refuse to accept that another platform can be good. I still get enjoyment out of C64 games, so that platform is just as valuable as a ps3 or xbox 360 to me. Putting something down is just writing off opportunities for fun.

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