M.A.S.K.! AAAAaaaaahhhhh!

Ah, dreams. You can never really be sure what they’re going to be about. I’ve actually been going through a period the last few months, where I haven’t been able to remember my dreams at all. I can usually at least recall a few pieces here and there, but lately it’s just been blank. Until last night, that is. I’m going to be writing this down pretty free form, so I’ll apologize now if my grammar and punctuation aren’t exactly perfect. I’ve also only been awake for 5 minutes or so, and my brain isn’t quite at 100% yet.
We’re having a party at my old house in Midland, well my parents are anyway. I’m in the basement watching reruns of Coach. The episode is about Hayden’s two sons (he had a single daughter in the actual show) as they prepare for a big school presentation. There was also a side story about a duck that is running loose around the school. The boys are having a hard time getting everything in order, and the stress of seeing some really good presentations before them is adding to it. Hayden is encouraging them, however, telling them that what they’ve done is incredible and they’re sure to win. One moment during a girl’s presentation, a duck waddles across the stage, followed by 2 guys with butterfly nets. The crowd, and the girl, pay no attention and continue on like nothing happened.
It’s the boys turn now, and the lights in the gymnasium go dark. Music beings to play, and smoke fills the air as the curtains open, and reveal LIFE SIZED FULLY FUNCTIONAL M.A.S.K. VEHICLES!!! The centerpiece being an enormous red truck decked out with missiles, and machine guns, and 2 giant speakers that were blasting Queen into the gym. Have you ever heard the theme song that Queen did for the Flash Gordon movie? “FLASH! AAAAHHHHH”? Well, that was the song that was playing, only instead of Flash, it was saying “M.A.S.K! AAAAHHHHH”. After all the explosions and gunfire were over, the crowd goes wild, and the Fox boys win first place. They’re given an enormous bowling trophy as a prize. Sometime later, Hayden is in his office with one of the guys who was chasing the duck on the stage. They’re having a coffee and talking about how great that presentation was, when the duck walks past both of them and flies out a window.
Excited to see if I still have any of my old M.A.S.K. toys around from my childhood, I run upstairs to ask mom where they might be. Who do I run in to but Craig T. Nelson! He’s been at the party the whole time, so I immediately start talking to him about the episode of Coach I just watched. He looks at me a little funny and says something like “It’s been a long time, kid. I don’t remember every show.” I decide to leave him alone and ask my mom where all my toys are, to which she looks at me and says “Kurt, wake up. You’re dreaming.” So I woke up.

Why can’t all dreams be this fun?


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