Call of Duty vs. Battlefield. FIGHT?


I like Call of Duty, and I also like the Battlefield series.
There, I said it.
It seems that this one sentence can get a world of nerds into a rage these days. The Call of Duty franchise is definitely one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world. Battlefield is also hugely known to a smaller (and they insist, more elite) crowd of gamers.

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, there are fewer and fewer WW2 games being made. I think this is a huge breath of fresh air to many of us who play FPS games. Although, now that we have an uprising of different modern combat shooters, everyone has their opinions on which they think is the best one, and everyone seems to be so adamant that the game THEY play is better than “all the others out there”.
This is all about multiplayer though. The single player aspect is quick and simple. I think I’m one of the 100 people in the world that actually loved the single player campaign in Modern Warfare 2. Bad Company 2 also has an awesome (not to mention hilarious) single player campaign.
I think a lot of the animosity has to do with the aspect of online gaming itself. I remember multiplayer games being fun and… well, multiplayer. Any of you out there that have played any of these modern combat games online know that yes, they are fun, but also surprisingly competitive.

In the gaming industry (just like any other industry that involves money), if there is something profitable, there will be other companies there trying to do best it. Just like we love seeing celebrities fall, everyone in the gaming industry is secretly vying for a game to take Modern Warfare 2 off its mantle. I believe the 2nd most played modern combat shooter online is Battlefield, and this is where the trouble begins. Modern combat does not equal “same game”. First person perspective does not equal “same game”.

I was gonna break down the 2 most recent games in both franchises and try to compare em, but it really doesn’t matter. There are many differences between the two games, so many in fact the only way you can compare them is that they’re played in the first person perspective, and they’re war games that don’t take place in WW2. I’ve been gaming for longer than I should be at my age, so I’ve been with both of these series since the beginning. What I find with my experiences with both games is that Modern Warfare/Call of Duty is fast and frantic. The gunfights are quick, and the matches are usually over quick as well. With Battlefield, the matches last much longer. The maps are a lot bigger and therefore make it harder to find people. Slower than Call of Duty, but extremely satisfying gunfights. Did I mention vehicles?

To determine which one I feel like playing depends on the mood I’m in. They have different gaming styles, and some people prefer the fast and frantic to the steady and calculating. Though I will say, I’ve seen way more hacks and glitches in Modern Warfare 2 than any of the Battlefield series. But I can forgive this because hackers aren’t hard to get away from, I’ve been getting away from hackers since I played Quake online. Also, when Infinity Ward (makers of Modern Warfare 2) dissolved, I didn’t expect post support for the game. I wish there was, but it’s forgivable given the circumstance. The funny thing is though, if you have been paying attention to any gaming websites or forums over the past couple of years, you know what I’m getting at here. Try going onto a Call of Duty forum/website and just mention Battlefield. You’ll get ripped to shreds, and vice versa. It’s complete elitist bullshit, and in my opinion is really hurting the gaming industry because people are getting so attached to a single video game and not diversifying.

Whatever happened to diversity in the gaming industry? Live and let live? I don’t mean to sound like a hippy here, but everyone that plays these games needs to understand that if you like something about one of these games more, it doesn’t make it better in general, just better for you. Yet people will continue to try to “change your mind” as to which series is better, while forgetting that not everyone is like them. I like them both equally for very different reasons. Until I go on a death streak, then I go outside.



2 Responses

  1. I’ve been blown away by the latest COD, but I too note the franticness of it. I’d like to try the “steady and calculated”-ness and hilarity of Battlefield; sounds like my style. Though, I am not a gamer. 😦

  2. My name is Jordan and I approve this message.

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